Friday, July 30, 2010

This Fall...

High Definition collectors should definitely take note. This coming fall is a huge time for blu-ray, with phenomenal releases scheduled to come out both in the States and abroad. Here's a list of the titles I'm most anticipating this fall, starting with an awesome line-up of Criterion films that I'm giddy about:

* Terrence Mallick's Thin Red Line - September 28, 2010
* Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai - October 19, 2010
* David Cronenberg's Videodrome - No Listed Date, 2010
* Nobuhiko Obayashi's House - October 26, 2010

Also, coming October 19, 2010 we get two different packages for Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now released by Lionsgate:

The differences between the two packages not exceptional, assuming you don't care to see the Hearts of Darkness documentary in 1080p high definition. I plan to pick up the full disclosure edition, after which I'll retire my copy of the redux and my SD DVD of Hearts of Darkness.

Also plan to be picking up some great exploitation flicks courtesy of Blue Underground, name Machine Gun McCain and Vigilante, classics I'll be wanting the day they hit shelves:

Machine Gun McCain - August 24, 2010
Vigilante - September 21, 2010

And, of course, I can't forget the upcoming imports, either. Uk releases of two Spanish modern classics, a long forgotten and oft' thought impossible release from Ridley Scott's filmography coming to French stores, and a French release of a Werner Herzog/Klaus Kinski collaboration that should bode phenomenally well in making a case for more Herzog releases on blu:

[Rec] - September 20, 2010
[Rec] 2 - September 20, 2010
1492: Conquest of Paradise - October 6, 2010
Nosferatu: Phantom Der Nacht - September 23, 2010

And to conclude this particular post, I couldn't forget about two of the most lauded and drooled over film franchises ever to hit the rumor mill in high definition forums. As different as they are I plan to get both come October 26:

Both packages are slated to come with a bevy of special features, with the Alien Anthology being the more impressive of the two, clocking in with over 60 hours worth of supplements. Looking at all of these together it hits me just how broke I may be at the end of October.

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