Monday, July 12, 2010

Coming to IFC On Demand

So IFC has the rights to a couple notable features released through the label this summer. Generally picking up quality titles and great independent fare, IFC also boast their own On Demand channel available through most cable providers. The two most eyecatching features they've got listed are as follows:

From IFC's site:

"For years, the fearsome figure known only as One Eye (Mads Mikkelsen - PUSHER, FLAME & CITRON, CASINO ROYALE) has defeated everyone he's encountered, but he's treated more like an animal than a warrior. The only person he has any relationship with is the young boy who brings him food and water daily. Constantly caged and shackled, One Eye has drawn the attention of a new force now sweeping the countryside and displacing the society's leaders: Christians."

(I've already reviewed the UK released blu-ray for this movie, and it's EXCELLENT, so I can't recommend it enough if you have access to IFC On Demand.)

"In order to avenge the murder of one of their own by a group of ruthless gangsters, four corrupt cops go on a rampage against the mob responsible.

A horde of bloodthirsty cannibal zombies complicates matters."

(I have yet to see this epic that looks more like a live action Left 4 Dead than an original idea, but it's produced by Xavier Gens - Frontier(s), Hitman - which is well enough for me to pick it up. I should be getting the French region B locked blu-ray in the mail shortly... I definitely recommend checking the trailer, and it's likely anyone who enjoyed fare like [REC] or 28 Days Later will likely find a lot to like here as well.)

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