Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Coming to Blu

Recently announced, a couple of thrillers from indie director Adam Green will be coming to home theater shelves this September courtesy of Anchor Bay/Starz. The first of the pair is Hatchet, a nice cult flick that enjoyed some positive press and a few midnight showings before a short run at the cinema. Starring Joel David Moore as an everyman stalked by the formidable Victor Crowley (one of the most badass new horror icons to come about in years) played by Kane Hodder. Set during a single night lost in the Louisiana bayou, the film is both hilarious and exceptionally intense. Hatchet will be coming to blu-ray on September 3rd.

The second movie, which I have yet to see but will likely blind buy in a heartbeat, is Green's latest opus, Frozen. Billed as minimalist survival horror, a genre I love to death with other greats like Open Water, Trigger Man, and El Rey de la Montana, it centers on a threesome of snowboarders making a last night run down the slope who end up trapped on the ski-lift. Before you jump to the conclusion that that's a stupid premise, you really ought to watch the trailer, which looks to be intense, gripping, brutal, and altogether awesome. Due out on blu-ray and DVD on September 28th.

Green is definitely a director to watch, and may give other American shock directors a run for their money. I'm more hyped on work by the likes of him and Ti West and Larry Fessenden right now than I think I ever was over the work of Eli Roth (an admitted master of his craft, but his ego rubs me the wrong way) or others in his camp like James Gunn. There's a lot to like in the indie horror scene in the states right now, almost enough to give the French an actual contest for the kings of modern horror..

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