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Stream of Thought, Rituals and Songcraft: 8 Questions for AMSG

I first started talking with Ryan Page aka AMSG's Angelfukk Witchhammer in a fairly guarded Facebook conversation asking if he had any copies of the demo The Principle of Evil Becomes the Idea of the Promethean on cassette. I had seen copies on Discogs and eBay, but if I can find a way to pay an artist directly I'll always opt to go that route. Turns out that he did, and I now have one in my collection. But I digress, as this is not about my collection of tapes but rather about how I initially became acquainted with the man behind AMSG.

Turns out that while his persona is kept firmly in check with the visage that accompanies all AMSG releases, he's super down to earth and keeps his ear firmly in check with the scene. Imagine my excitement when he agreed to an email conversation with the intent on being published here on High Defamation. This is my first foray into interviews, folks, and hopefully not the last. It's a brief and candid look into some of his thoughts and ideals, music and art in part inspired by the tremendous EP that recently came out on Profound Lore Records, The Forbidden Transformation (which I reviewed a while back here).

8 Questions:

High Defamation: I hate to start with a stereotypical question, but I have to assume some readers may not be familiar with AMSG. You've actually been playing music since the 90's, starting with Ouroboros I believe. Can you detail the journey that has led you down the path to AMSG?

AW: Ave! Yes, I suppose for one to get familiar with AMSG one must look to the past. Well, anything prior from Ouroboros in invalid, as nothing was released, nor any prominent bands worth mentioning as we were young and it took failures to get on the right path. In 1995 Ouroboros was started and the start of the vision of where we are now. 

In 2001, I joined Rites Of Thy Degringolade which in turn helped me further the path of Ouroboros. 2005 took a turn where music came to a stop for many reasons which are personal. 2007 saw a rebirth of the vision and I joined Gloria Diaboli where we recorded the last recording so far, which wasn't released until 2010, but that also gave birth to AMSG. 

I ended up going to prison, for which I served a lengthy term and also wrote the majority of the AMSG material... So the AMSG demo/EP wasn't recorded until 2010. I ended up going back to prison for 2 more years, and upon my release AMSG hit the studio to record our first full length, Anti-Cosmic Tyranny, and the next EP, The Forbidden Transformation.

HD: Hopefully this isn't overstepping my bounds, but AMSG lost drummer Kaos Abhorrer who passed away last year. How integral was he to the musical process of the band? Is this primarily your project or is it a collaborative effort between you and the other members?

AW: This is Black Metal, there are no bounds! Yes, Kaos Abhorrer took it upon himself to take his own life by hanging... What a fucking maniac! He was a perfect fit for drums, so I would say he was an important part of the musical process! He will be missed!

I am the CEO of AMSG and have written everything so far! The next full length we have Frater Adramelech joining us on guitar and he has written some great music which will appear on the next release, so the future will have collaborations... just as long as they are in the same vision of AMSG!

HD: There currently seems to be a pretty good deal of bands in the black/death underground coming from the Edmonton/Alberta area right now. Is this a pretty tight knit community of bands supporting each other or are you guys basically on your own out there?

AW: The only active local bands we support here are Revenge, Blood Revolt, and Svolder. The rest can Fukk Off! Back-stabbing Fukking wimps, posers, pieces of shit!

HD: Starting with AMSG's demo, The Principle of Evil Becomes the Idea of the Promethean, up through your most recent EP on Profound Lore, The Forbidden Transformation, the music and lyrical themes have varied wildly, while still vaguely echoing your earlier work. Can you maybe go a little in depth to give us an idea of the music and concepts that inspire you and how you manage to make it uniquely your own?

AW: We (AMSG) carry forth the awakened LHP Anti-Cosmic Gnostic Luciferian Draconis philosophy/supremacy: The Will To Power! The Superion Banner! The splitting of the atom which we worship at the edge of the event horizon! The musical concepts consist of the harnessing of fear itself, used against the individual. Only the blood lines of fire shall remain and transcend in the fires of the black flame.

HD: While relevance is definitively based on subjective perception, in the time that you've been actively involved in the scene how have you perceived the waxing and waning of underground metal's own relevance as a form of art? Should art always be a factor in music, or do you look at them as divisible from each other?

AW: Is Black Metal art? Yes, to a degree, but I think it is MUCH deeper than that. TRUE Black Metal is the truth, iron fist, and the opposition of today's PC world/society! And that is what it was always meant to be! SATAN means adversary and TRUE Black Metal is SATAN!

Should art always be a factor in music? Well I guess that depends on what type of music you are talking about. I don't consider any of this pop music or anything along those lines as art, but pure disgusting garbage which definitely fits today's societies standards of art! The purest art I can think of is the art of splitting the atom and destroying conceptual reality! Destroying what consists of todays standard of music/art and wiping that clear off the page of existence! Now that's art!

HD: Along the same lines, do you feel that subversive music has any sort of social responsibility that should be embedded underneath the misanthropy or should artists strive for a more esoterically obscure statement?

AW: If said  so called artists even consider a "social responsibility" tagged onto their work, then they should all kill themselves accordingly! Social responsibility would be ending this very existence of the threshold of slavery the world is chained to. That is what should be embedded underneath the misanthropy of an actual artist! Is there more of an esoterically obscure statement?

HD: Finally, based on what info I could find it looks like you've managed to recruit some new faces to the band. Are these individuals that you've worked with in the past? Can we expect more material forthcoming from AMSG and is there any chance of potential touring for you guys?

AW: Yes, Frater Adramelech (guitars) and Bzath (drums) have joined the terrorist ranks! I have not worked with them in the past, but they are great musicians and a great fit for AMSG, as we share the same vision and goals inside and outside of the terrorcult. We are now working on the next full length/splits of which we shall record the sonic rituals soon! We are willing and ready to tour, there are talks with Inquisition/Archgoat for next summer, so only time shall tell!

HD: Thanks again for answering this interrogation... Any last words for our readers out there?

AW: Thank you for your support! True Black Metal is a crime against the weakness that has become humanity and we will NEVER STOP! To the ones reading this, WAKE UP! Open your eyes... All three of them! See the truth and take that final step into the forbidden transformation! Now awaken and conquer!

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