Friday, January 16, 2015

More New Pickups

Yep... I realize I have promised some movie-centric ramblings but I couldn't resist musings regarding even more new pickups music-wise for yours truly here. This won't be as long as the last post, but for those inclined to love metal as I do, read on!

1) Shub Niggurath - The Kinglike Celebration

In it's day heralded as not much more than a Morbid Angel aping clone, Shub Niggurath is the pet project of Julio Viterbo who also played in Mexico's Chasm, phenomenal death metal to be sure. "The Kinglike Celebration" is straight ahead riffing, razor sharp and blackened to the core. The riffs on this beast are supreme unholy death metal to it's very foundation. This release in particular was a holy grail of sorts back in the day, and try as I might I was never able to obtain a copy. This one in particular is an Oz Records reissue with bonus tracks, which makes the price point I paid even sweeter in the long run. Absolutely essential for you Lovecraft worshipping death metal fiends!

2) Hades - Dawn of the Dying Sun

In my younger days, I had this on original Full Moon Records 12" LP. One thing led to another, though, and bad decisions led to it leaving my collection. This is another grail that was lauded over and hoarded by fanatics here and abroad, being the fruit of Remi Andersen, Jorne Inge Tunsberg, and Stig Hagenes, known for their affiliation with Varg Vikernes and involvement in the infamous burning of Norway's Asane Church. Not their first album, but one that epitomizes pagan viking metal to the nth degree, the only other band that raged as intensely at the time was Aeternus. "Dawn of the Dying Sun" is absolutely mandatory listening if not for anything else beyond the title track which is worth the cost of the disc alone.

3) Nightbringer - Hierophany of the Open Grave

Nightbringer's third opus. A magnificent display of craftsmanship and devotion to the art of black metal. In regard to orthodox black metal, Nightbringer channel equal parts Emperor and Abigor, weaving complex song structures and esoteric lyricism into a cogent whole. While not at the same technical level as 2014's "Ego Dominus Tuus", this album nonetheless chronicles a band hungry not just to rage but to spread a philosophic message as well. Doomy, black as tar, and groove laden like few others, this band could just be the Emperor of their day.

4) Vanhelgd - Church of Death

Vanhelgd's "Church of Death" is the second offering from these Swedes. You'd be remiss to brush these heathens' style of death metal as simply Swe-death in the vein of Entombed or Dismember or Grave. They definitely perpetuate the Sunlight Studios sound, but with their own lean on the proceedings. Esoteric, rumbling, and sharp as a blade, this stuff will wreck your neck and lyrically puzzle your mind. The content here is deep for sure, and Vanhelgd have the chops to backup their sound, both from a songwriting perspective and a topical viewpoint. Admittedly they weren't on my radar until the 20 Buck Spin release of "Relics of Sulphur Salvation", this is kvlt death metal to be sure.

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