Sunday, November 17, 2013

Carpenter Brut - EP II

EP II by Carpenter Brut may have a fairly simplistic title, but that belies the content of the album itself. A complex ode to fantastical soundtracks and electronic music a'la John Carpenter, it's equal parts Escape from New York and Beyond the Black Rainbow, though lacking in Sinoia Caves' subtlety.

I came upon Carpenter Brut by accident, trolling Bloody Disgusting's message boards, where I had earlier found Lazerhawk's Skull & Shark album. Whereas the latter is a concept, the former basically takes the progressiveness of Daft Punk's Tron soundtrack, or Goblin's Suspiria soundtrack and bends it to a completely different whim.

It's as aggressive as an homage to the spaced out synths of 80's desert no wave (did I just make a genre up?) can get. Carpenter Brut's imagery perfectly suits the over-amped sounds herein, painting a picture to accompany a soundscape of almost 8-bit surliness. Spacey and synthetic it works as soundtrack material for some nonexistent video nasty. Where Geoff Barrow's Drokk explored the potential of a singular instrument coalescing into a fluid whole, EP II is everything and the kitchen sink. Or to put it another way, if Nic Refn had used Carpenter Brut rather than Kavinsky, Drive would have been a harsher, more misanthropic film.

I realize that music reviews are completely subjective and victim of adjective placement, comparison, and far-fetched metaphor, but I can't imagine explaining this album any other way. It's altogether excellent and cinematic, occasionally subdued and often batshit crazy. I'm loving the resurgence of this type of music; It touts its own epicness and revels in pomp.

You can check both this and the preceding album, EP I, at Carpenter Brut's Bandcamp site. Both are available for download on the cheap, and I'd say if any of my rambling attempts at description seem potentially awesome, they're well worth your money.

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