Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Latter 2010 Blu-Ray Release Schedule

I hate to be presumptuous about what my readers like to watch. To even say that I have dedicated readers seems presumptuous enough, honestly, as awesome as that would be. But there are a few of you out there, so I'll leave it at that. It would also make sense that if you're one of the few out there reading these reviews, that your taste and preferences are close enough to mine to warrant the recommendations that I make on here. I've gone ahead and compiled a list of releases for the fall and early winter, up through December that are likely flicks to snag, or at least blu-ray's that have made their way to my radar. Here they are:


Sept 06 Exit Through the Gift Shop (UK)
Sept 07 Hatchet (US)
Sept 13 Mulholland Drive (UK)
Sept 14 Return of the Living Dead (US) *
Sept 14 Invasion of the Body Snatchers (US)
Sept 14 Raging Phoenix (US)
Sept 15 Dead Man (Australia)
Sept 20 [rec] (UK) *
Sept 20 [rec]2 (UK) *
Sept 20 I Spit on Your Grave (UK)
Sept 21 Delicatessen (US) *
Sept 21 Vigilante (US)
Sept 21 The Experiment (US)
Sept 23 Nosferatu (France)
Sept 27 City of Life and Death (UK)
Sept 28 Frozen (US)
Sept 28 Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (US)
Sept 28 The Thin Red Line (US) *


Oct 05 Mad Max (US)
Oct 05 Grindhouse (US) *
Oct 05 Wolf Creek (US)
Oct 05 The Mission (US)
Oct 06 1492: Conquest of Paradise (France) *
Oct 10 Straw Dogs (UK)
Oct 14 Das Boot (Germany)
Oct 18 Amores Perros (UK)
Oct 19 Seven Samurai (US) *
Oct 19 Psycho (US)
Oct 19 Apocalypse Now Full Disclosure (US)
Oct 19 Predators (US)
Oct 19 Wild at Heart (France)
Oct 26 Alien Anthology (US) *
Oct 26 House (Hausu) (US) *
Oct 26 Paths of Glory (US)
Oct 26 Winter's Bone (US) *
Oct 26 Maniac (US)


Nov 02 The Pacific (US)
Nov 02 Bridge on the River Kwai (US)
Nov 09 Antichrist (US)
Nov 09 Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World (US)
Nov 11 Lost Highway (France)
Nov 16 Night of the Hunter (US) *
Nov 16 Complete Metropolis (US) *
Nov 18 My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done (Germany)
Nov 23 Deadwood Complete Series (US)
Nov 23 I'm Still Here (US)


Dec 06 Inception (UK)
Dec 07 Cronos (US) *
Dec 07 Lost in Translation (US) *
Dec 07 Videodrome (US) *
Dec 07 Restrepo (US) *
Dec 07 Harsh Times (US)
Dec 14 Hard Boiled (US)
Dec 27 22 Bullets (UK)

I went ahead and listed each release's country as well, and while I considered making that a link to each item's respective Amazon pages, I basically got lazy. That doesn't mean that you can't find them on your own, since each one does in fact have a presence on Amazon in the form of preorders for those dates that haven't rolled around yet (,,, and in the case here, though that does exclude the single release coming to Australian shores, Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man on September 15th). There are several that I'll be snagging from this list, and of course writing up once they've come through the mail and I've had the chance to watch.

If this proves useful, I'll continue to add to it as the months continue with any new additions that may catch my eye. Going up through December is a bit of a drag, it's sparse but mostly due to a lack of preorders that far in advance. As an enthusiast it's guaranteed that more will pop up before the year draws to a close, and that I'll be plugging them here. Also bear in mind, that this list is far from comprehensive. It encompasses releases of films that I'm interested in and think my readers may be stoked on as well. Not just any old blu-ray to make it to the new release wall at Best Buy.

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